What’s My DeKalb County Home Worth?


DeKalb County is a long-established and highly-desirable community. Homes in this are range from sprawling brick ranches to stately, two-story traditional builds. If you think you are getting a good deal because the asking price is below what it was this time last year, you still may be paying more than the house is worth, especially when real estate values are constantly changing in DeKalb County.

Here at DeKalb County Property Appraiser, our residential and income property appraisals can also be used if you need to either negotiate a sales price or to secure primary or secondary financing from a bank or private lender. With a certified appraisal in hand, you have a tool that will clearly state your property’s value to the lender, buyer or seller.

Our clients are homeowners, realtors, attorneys, and investors.

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