Property Tax Challenge


Tax challengeDo you believe you are being overcharged for your property taxes? Has your house been overvalued? Inaccurate residential assessments are a growing challenge and problem in DeKalb County. The best way to keep your house from being over assessed is by obtaining an appraisal from an experienced, certified appraiser from DeKalb County Property Appraiser.

In the State of Georgia, it is the responsibility of each county tax assessor’s office to prepare the annual real estate and property tax digest. According to the state tax laws (O.C.G.A. 48-5), all counties must perform an annual review of properties. Sometimes this causes a change in your tax assessed value and thus changing the amount of taxes due for your property.

You can challenge a tax assessment based on the accuracy of the work conducted by the assessor. Anything from the square footage, condition of the property, or property features can determine your tax assessment. If the square footage on your property is wrong, it’s likely that your tax assessor has overvalued your property.

While we are unable to guarantee the outcome of your appeal, an appraisal completed by the state-certified appraisers at DeKalb County Property Appraiser is a step in the right direction in any dispute with your local tax assessor.​

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