Pre-Listing Appraisal


listingSo you have decided to list your DeKalb County home for sale. Pricing a listing is one of the hardest and perhaps most important tasks in residential real estate. A pre-listing appraisal by DeKalb County Property Appraiser can be a powerful tool for a home seller, it will give yourself peace of mind that your largest investment is valued accurately.

Sellers can get it wrong in either direction. If the asking price is too low, the sellers might end up leaving money on the table. if it’s too high, the property will not attract buyers, which could mean no offers and losing time and money.

DeKalb County Property Appraiser can step in and help make these decisions. Unlike a real estate agent, we have no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. Our pre-listing appraisal fees are solely based on efforts to complete the report, not a percentage of the sales price. Therefore, DeKalb County Property Appraiser can often help homeowners make the best decisions on investing in their homes and setting a fair sales price.

We have experienced appraisers who deal with real estate evaluation questions in DeKalb County and surrounding areas on a daily basis. We know how to value real estate accurately. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

Contact DeKalb County Property Appraiser today at (404) 860-1574 for an in-depth consultation and step-by-step guidance by a senior professional at our firm. DeKalb County Property Appraiser has the experience and qualifications to meet all of your appraisal needs.