Pre-Contract Appraisal


pre contractSo you’ve finally found your dream home in DeKalb County, and your offer to purchase has been accepted by the seller. It is now time to contact DeKalb County Home Appraiser and arrange for a pre-contract appraisal. A pre-contract appraisal will identify a home’s actual living area and market value before a homebuyer makes an offer and ties up hard-earned money.

Without a pre-contract appraisal, people often pay above market value for a home. This can cost them tens of thousands of dollars in an overpriced purchase. Since a house is such a major financial decision, it is prudent for them not to take any risks. People should try to eliminate as much risk as possible.

A pre-contract appraisal provided by DeKalb County Property will inform buyers of the true market value of a house. This will enable them to make an educated and intelligent decision on whether or not to purchase the home. They will also know the approximate amount to pay for it.

Also, since the appraiser is trained to be an unbiased third party in the lending process, a pre-contract appraisal serves as a vital instrument and protects buyers from overpaying for property as well as lenders from over-lending to borrowers.

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