Land Appraisal


If you are thinking of buying land as an investment, there are certain things that you must be informed of before proceeding in order to know that you are making the best financial decision for your situation. Prior to land development valuations, an appraiser must verify the most effective use of the land. The land’s potential can enhance its value considerably, as investors are often on the lookout for land lots that can be used for commercial purposes. Vacant land may become residential lots, commercial properties, or agricultural centers.

The research undertaken to complete vacant land appraisals goes to show that determining the value of a property is not as easy as it sounds, due to the wide range of potential opportunities.

To start the process, your appraiser from DeKalb County Property Appraiser will assess properties of a similar size or type that have sold in the local area within the past few months. For instance, if a property is marketed at $190,000 and yours boast similar attributes, it’s probable that your property can sell for a comparable amount.

Additionally, location is a very important factor in deciding the worth of your land. Comparable properties may sell for completely different prices depending on their native area. Homes near areas of convenience, for instance cities with heavy retail and business opportunities can often sell for more than similar homes in more rural locations.

Unique aspects of the property will be taken into consideration, in addition to any authorized zoning for any future business or residential development. Furthermore, if your land has potential to make money, for example an orchard or crop development, it will be worth more at time when crops are ready to be sold for profit.

No matter what your vacant land has been used for, a trained and knowledgeable appraiser from DeKalb County Property Appraiser will be able to provide land appraisals, including agricultural property and residential or commercial development lots.

DeKalb County Property Appraiser will complete your land appraisal in accordance to USPAP and Appraisal Guidelines for Federal Land Acquisition. Once valued, you’ll be able to market your property accordingly. DeKalb County Property Appraiser will provide you not only with a strong opinion of value, but also details on how that value was reached. This give you leverage with your potential buyers as you can point out your lot’s strong suits and help them see how the property can best be developed.

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